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MDアウトラン+ゲームギアのTVCMです。91年夏頃放送。sm12036577 から取り出して音ズレを直しました。

メガドライブ ゲームギア エターナルレジェンド CM 懐かCM 1991年 夏 セガ

ある意味ポニーキャニオン版より無茶な移植のMSX1版アウトランです。最初にSplash Waveを2分位流した後、ゲーム本編になります。上がアクセル下がブレーキ、トリガがギアチェンジっていう操作なので正直辛いです。曲が2曲しかないのは仕様かと。他の移植物もうpしてます(mylist/2670534) 追記:曲は2分位で切っている辺りまでが1ループで、以後はその繰り返しだったりします。

セガ マジカルサウンドシャワー音頭 血みどろタイトル U.S.GOLD 腹筋崩壊 祭り

91年秋のセガメガドライブ・ゲームギア新作紹介です。音ズレしてるため、真ん中辺りのMDアウトラン・GGのCMのみ sm13446742 にも上げました。

セガ メガドライブ ゲームギア ファンタジア 忍者武雷伝説 ファンタシースター コラムス ゲームPV

SEGAのドライブゲームOUTRUNより音楽選択画面のBGM…もとい効果音です   自分のドライブ用音楽として作ったものですが折角なのであげてみます   車のエンジンをかけて音楽再生… ベルトを締めてギヤ弄り、準備が出来たら次の音楽へ!!→mylist/24374694   これで気分はアウトラン!!   後は真っ赤なフェラーリと、隣りに彼女がいらぁなぁ…

Part18→sm13657660 第4回まとめ→mylist/21538298 Part20→sm13853819【収録タイトル】アウトラン MOTHER2 世界樹の迷宮3 真女神転生3-NOCTURNE 真女神転生STRANGEJOURNEY 天地創造 天使の詩2 PSOEP3C.A.R.D.Revolution 洞窟物語 サクラ大戦3 ギルティギアイグゼクス アーマードコアマスターオブアリーナ 星のカービィ 真女神転生デビルサマナー ユーディーのアトリエ ファイナルファンタジー2・3 ダライアス外伝 スカイクロライノセンテイセス 大番長 ロマンシングサガ アンサガ

2ch みんなで決めるゲーム音楽ベスト100 作業用BGM ランキング 250位~227位 ゲー音板ベスト100リンク 5pb.

実機から録音しました。 カッコ内は曲数。 メイズウォーカー(1) ダブルターゲット(1) ファンタシースター(2) アレックスキッド ザ ロストスターズ(1) 青春スキャンダル(1) イース(2) 魔界列伝(1) スペースハリアー3D(1) ボンバーレイド(1) 星をさがして(2) スペースハリアー(1) アレックスキッドのミラクルワールド(1) 剣聖伝(2) ソロモンの鍵(1) ナスカ’88(3) ファンタジーゾーンⅡ(1) 海外-サイコフォックス(2) 海外-モンスターワールドⅡ(2) 海外-アレックスキッド イン シノビワールド(1) 海外-アウトラン3D(2) おまけ(1) ちなみにアレックスキッド イン シノビワールドの動画はここsm935699 興味のある方は携帯ゲームの音楽集sm848927

青春スキャンダル アレックスキッド マスターシステム 星をさがして モンスターランド VC配信ソフト レトロゲーム セガマークIII SEGA

アウトラン / Out Run (set 1) SEGA 1986 A 4’38’’75 Player TEKO 収録Ver Mame32 0.36b11 Aコースクリア、タイム4’38’’75 スタートから4面の減速ポイントまで294kmで疾走してます。4面の最後以外は決まってる・・・と思います。<裏技>ギアをLow-Hiと手早く一定のリズムで繰り返すと路肩に出ても減速しません(通称:ギアガチャ)。また293kmスタートが成功した状態でギアガチャすると通常では出せない294kmまでスピードが上がります。 mame replay site www.geocities.jp

outrun SEGA GAME arcade レーシング セガ アーケード

First time i got an online game via Outrun 2006 C2C So recorded it Heres how it went down. Props to F40 for teachin me a few things Nice one mate thank you so much. GG to everyone in this video

Outrun 2006 F40 Ferrari Xbox Xbox360

Unboxing my mint Super Wide Gear accessories for the Sega Game Gear. This is a magnifier that clips on to the Game Gear console and makes the screen appear larger. It also acts as an effective sun shade when playing outdoors. The game played it Outrun.

Sega Game Gear gamegear GG retro collection super

Original music by SHINee (SME) Lyrics/vocals by me Video content does not belong to me This song is much more complex than I first thought when I started rewriting it even though I had listened to it dozens of times. It was an ambitious spontaneous endeavor that started at 3:30AM and ended at 6AM one night and I’m pleased with the result ^^ Note: this is not a direct translation but they’re definitely related ) +++ Even when you try your best to turn from The power she holds over Your mind is weak and undone You can’t outrun it Trapped by charm you’re tied to her or Trapped by love would you prefer You’re chained to her you can be sure Her whisper is the lucifer Not to rain your parade but I can see you’re in chains Strung you up gave you pain She caught you in her domain Try to escape but you cannot get away All your struggles are in vain Tell me who’s the one to blame Guard against her spell of love she’ll ambush you lucifer Gg-guard against her magic she will use on you lucifer Dodge the lies she’ll throw at you to make you give your heart to her Where she really wants to go You don’t know you don’t know When she first filled your eyes back then She was all that you could see You were blind to everything else around you You were blind to even me (but I let it go) Thought you were okay It was your first ttttt-time feeling like this You began to change And I wish I warned you way before she came Not to rain your parade but I can see you’re in chains Strung b.../b

shinee Lucifer Eng cover female ver

Insert Coin Records Artist: SKAM Single: Zelda / Defender Catalogue: ICR016 Worldwide Release Date: June 23rd 2010 The Russian man of the moment SKAM is on hand here to give us 2 tribal and funky house outings that are perfect for those earlier and funkier sets! The tracks of this EP are --Zelda- and --Defender-. Funky tribal and deep house vibes that will set those dance floors on FIRE when dropped. Keep an eye on this producer SKAM is a name that we would see and hear a lot more of!! Keep in mind: Insert Coin press start and play! early Feedbacks: Chris Lake Defender is cool Eddie Amador killin DEFENDer on the deep end! popof zelda is good for me Eelke Kleijn like the tribal feel on Zelda gel abril 2 cool cuts here tnx! Simi Groovin Zelda!!! Thanks paco osuna thank you i will try it :) orde Meikle (Slam) cool teck housey grooves Alex Young Zelda Roxxxxxxx!!! Love it ! For sure i will play it ) Alexi Delano Will support! Mastiksoul Zelda is nice StoneBridge Proper bass driven house - really like it! Dibby Dougherty Best release from the label yet keep it up groovy stuff links www.insertcoinrecords.com www.myspace.com/insertcoinrecords

Sergio Fernandez Skam Zelda Defender monoroom From Apes

Well I came up with a name for my hack but I just need to edit the Title Screen sometime in the future. :V (Sonic Chaotic) A few things have been tweaked this time around I changed the HUD since it was causing a VRAM issue when the boss would load. Once I figure out the routine that makes the HUD disappear when a boss loads i’ll change it back. The boring gray palette is just a placeholder for now and will be changed. Also I failed at inputing the sound test code at first ignore that. :V The reason why I went to the screen is to show that i’m starting to port songs from the GG version. (And is in a very early stage but meh.) And yes Sonic/Tails now outrun the camera with the speed sneakers. ^_^

Sonic Chaos Hack theravenfreak Sega

Jones George - White Lightning Well in North Carolina way back in the hills Me and my old pappy had a hand in a still We brewed white lightnin’ ’til the sun went down Then he’d fill him a jug and he’d pass it around Mighty mighty pleasin pappy’s corn squeezin’ Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin’ Chorus: Well the ’G’ men ’T’ men revenuers too Searchin’ for the place where he made his brew They were looking tryin to book him But my pappy kept a-cookin’ Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin’ --- Instrumental --- Well I asked my old pappy why he called his brew White lightnin’ ’stead of mountain dew I took a little sip and right away I knew As my eyes bugged out and my face turned blue Lightnin’ started flashin’ and thunder started crashin’ Shhhoooh . . . white lightnin’ Chorus: Well the ’G’ men ’T’ men revenuers too Searchin’ for the place where he made his brew They were looking tryin to book him but my pappy kept a-cookin’ Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin’ --- Instrumental --- Well a city slicker came and he said ’I’m tough’ I think I wanna taste that powerful stuff He took one gg-glug and drank it right down And I heard him a moaning as he hit the ground Mighty mighty pleasin pappy’s corn squeezin’ Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin’ Chorus: Well the ’G’ men ’T’ men revenuers too Searchin’ for the place where he made his brew They were looking tryin to book him but my pappy kept a-cookin’ Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin’... Jones George - She Thinks I Still Care b.../b

Johnny Cash Show Clips TV Country Bob Dylan

Alright here we have my 4th pokemon wifi battle against Gigas from the Serebii Wi-fi chat! Alright in this one i was a tad bti unlucky but it was great anyway GG Gigas! ______ Game NotesI ------------------ 1. First turn Hypnosis miss was bad it gave a free layer of SR but eh. 2. Yanmega is FTW. 3. Hypnosis miss on Shuckle cost me my Yanmega who could have either sweeped or potentially hurt his team more. 4. Second miss on Shuckle didn’t matter much except extra damage from Poison but thats all. 5.Heatran has max HP so it survived Weavile’s Brick Break. 6. Will-o-Wisp miss on T-Tar was meh but it wouldn’t have mattered that much anyway. 7. Staraptor FTW. 9. T-Tar had a focus sash which was odd and annoying but all it did was get another DD which still wasn’t enough to outrun my Scarfed Staraptor. 10. Latias Proves itself again. 11. Personally i believe that Staraptor should be OU as it can handle many of the OU pokemon and counter them and plus with good stats and movepool it has it could do well in OU. For copyright purposes: Protected under the ’Fair Use’ Copyright Act of 1976 sections 107 through 118 of the Copyright Act (title 17 US Code). This video is for entertainment purposes only I do not claim ownership of this video’s audio or video content I am not seeking to monetize this video and I edited the footage to create something totally new out of it. The following audio and video is not owned by me and belong to their rightful and respectful b.../b

Wi Fi Battle#3 WMV V9 Battle#2 GOT IT!

This is a battle between myself and Hussain from serebii chat. Overall it was a good battle though I played a bit carelessly. Enjoy! Battle notes: -crippling the skarmory with choice band really worked out for me and probably saved me a lot of hassle so thats a great start -the sub on gengar paid off as it allowed it me ohko the starmie that would otherwise outrun it and merc it with psychic -He sent in the skarm again and knowing it was banded I got a free nasty plot up with azelf -Instead of switching in Gengar to negate the facade I should have gone straight to rhyperior to eat it and return a avalanche. I unnecessairly sacrificed my gengar -Im still iffy on wether or not i should have bullet punched the infernape twice. I didn’t want to switch in on it because I had no idea what it was packing. So I tried to deal as much damage as I could with the choice banded scizor as possible. I really thought choice band + technician + stab + max attk bullet punch would have 2 hit ko’d it even though ape resists steel. Well at least I walked away with that fact. (for the record while damage calculations are a useful tool i really hate running them) GG overall!

pokemon platinum battle wifi serebii bullet punch scizor

i was pissed at this battle but it is only a game and you do have the odd few who d/c im not POSSITIVE he did though last battle we had i nearly lost untill he ran by mistake. He told me NOT to put that battle up so i never this one he DID. i was annoyed the fact that my batteries ran out while talking on Serebii he called my team ’crappy’ and he clamed that he didnt d/c EXACTLY when i ko’d his Electivire. I have no proof of this convo though just trust me as a battler... he said he recorded the first battle which he ran from he got VERY lucky that battle and in the chat after he ran ’FUCK MISCLICK DONT PUT THAT ON YOUTUBE’ and he says he recorded the first battle...if you see it please send me the link. He will claim in his battle that he ran for me to say that he found it an unfair match towards me and wanted to be some thaughtful trainer who ran for me to win...thats not the case he was PISSED at his battle i just hope all you people who watch this battle relise they are sore loosers. If this ever happens...be lucky you dont d/c and be a ungreatful n00b say GG and you had fun if it was a good game... rate comment and sub please! im also unsure of that Yanmega if anyone has the sorces can they find out if after one speed boost would it beable to outrun a 350 speed gengar? its also strange how Brick break never ko’d even with that crit 339 attack plus the life orb surely should have done awesome damage in my opinion...

pokemon n00b sore loser guitar the who wtf?
SSSG攻略日記 アウトラン

ゲームギア版ではタイトル画面で左と12ボタンを押しながらスタートすると無敵になる 。 アウトラン この状態でクリアできないということはないはず。どんなカーブでもフル スロットルで曲がれてしまう。カーブの切り替えしなど注意すべき箇所も無くはない ...

アウトラン(ゲームレスキュー:ゲーム裏技、ゲーム攻略、セーブデータ ...

セガマークIII、マスターシステムの「お役立ちページ」「裏技/攻略情報」など、役立つ 情報を大募集中です。 応募して頂ける方は、こちらへ。 ... ロケットスタート ギアを ハイにして、スタートと同時に緑色に飛び込ませれば293キロでスタートできる。

アウトラン - Wikipedia

さらに、分かっていてもタイミングを合わせるのがそれなりに難しいこともあり、闇雲に ガチャガチャと何度も激しくギア .... アウトラン2に隠しゲームとして収録。 ミッションモードをすべてクリアするかプレイ時間が50時間以上になるとプレイ可能に なる。 ...

即決 GG/ゲームギア ソフト15本 アウトラン ゼンキ 幽遊白書 他 ...

即決GG/ゲームギアソフト15本アウトランゼンキ幽遊白書他■注意事項と自己紹介もお 読みください■<商品説明>ソニックザ ... ゲームの攻略本の出品の場合チェックはし ておりますが基本的に古本を購入しておりますので性質上まれに書き込みなどがある場合 ...

Amazon.co.jp: アウトラン 【ゲームギア】: ゲーム

Amazon.co.jp: アウトラン 【ゲームギア】: ゲーム. ... アウトラン 【ゲームギア】. セガ. プラットフォーム: No Operating System ... 掘り出し物満載! 中古ゲーム ストアと、 輸入版ゲーム ストアと、 廉価版ゲーム ストアがおすすめ◆◆◆ ...

【楽天市場】【中古】【20110506】ゲームギアソフト アウトラン【画 ...

【中古】【20110506】ゲームギアソフト アウトラン【画】( 【中古】【20110506】 ゲームギア… ... 60ehttp://item.rakuten.co.jp/surugaya-a-too/181073-1 ichiba_item_1_1【中古】【20110506】ゲームギアソフト ...

【楽天市場】【中古】 セガ・マークIII アウトラン:シルバーリーフ

ゲームソフト、DVDを中心にフィギュアやテレカも扱っております。 随時品数を 増やしていきますの ...

アウトラン(ソフトのみ) - 中古 ゲームギア : スーパーポテト

ゲームギア「アウトラン(ソフトのみ)」【中古】が、 →1220円(税抜)!品数豊富&安心 のスーパーポテトで!!


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