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Armored Unit

Armored Unitはサミーから発売されたワンダースワン向けゲームソフト。価格は3990円。


Armored Unit System: WonderSwan (WS) Year: 1999 Genre: Strategy Nice strategy game but the enemies are either to hard or to easy.

wonderswan Wonder-Swan Wonder Swan WS

Yeah someone asked for this vid about a week ago. Since I just got to borrow my sister’s cam this weekend I did it now. Also me fighting Mobius can hardly be called a fight if I use actual guns let alone stoop to his level and use OP-I. So in this fight I used only a blade. ZING! Setup as per request: Head: MHD-RE/005 Core: MCL-SS/RAY Arms: CAL-44-EAS Legs: CLL-HUESO Booster: CBT-FLEET FCS: VREX-WS-1 Generator: CGP-ROZ Radiator: RIX-CR10 Extension: MEBT-OX/EB Back unit L: CRU-A10 Right Arm Unit: KWB-SBR44 Left Arm Unit: MLB-MOONLIGHT Optional parts: E/SCR S/STAB E/CND L/BRK L/TRN E-LAP

Armored Core Silent Line Arena final battle Mobius

Zone 2 Mission 1 ’Destroy Elite Unit’ S rank: Don’t get hit very much at all and take the guys out fast. Setup: Head: 005 Core: 008 Arms: REX Legs: RVE Booster: FLEET FCS: VREX-WS-1 Generator: ROZ Radiator: SA44 Extension: SILENT Back R: MM-AD/20 Back L: SPHERE Arm R: XCG/10 Arm L: KSS-55/WALL Optional parts: OP-S-SCR OP-E/SCR OP-E-LAP OP-L/TRN OP-E/RTE OP-S/STAB OP-E/CND OP-L/BRK OP-SP/E++ OP-R/INIA -Things you may have missed watching the video- * Turn on those extensions and shield right from the start. Secret parts: MWG-DKP/100 (Right arm dual energy weapon) You should get this part with an S rank... if not go through this mission super fast.

Armored Core Silent Line video mission walkthrough project

Zone 2 Mission 5 ’Hold Defense Line’ S rank: Don’t get hit and don’t let your buddies die either. Setup: Head: 005 Core: RAY Arms: REX Legs: HUESO Booster: FLEET FCS: VREX-WS-1 Generator: ROZ Radiator: CR10 Extension: Back R: Back L: A102 Arm R: Arm L: HALBERD Optional parts: OP-E/SCR OP-E-LAP OP-L/TRN OP-S/STAB OP-E/CND OP-L/BRK -Things you may have missed watching the video- * I really don’t recommend using a blade if you can’t S rank this mission just take a laser rifle of your choice. ** The MTs don’t attack you if you are behind them take advantage of that. Secret parts: MWG-XCD/70 (Right arm laser rifle) None of your MTs can die that’s it simple. KWC-HZ120 (Back unit howitzer) Beat this mission with high AP left over and quickly. Also an easy part to get.

Armored Core Silent Line video mission walkthrough project

This is how to Build your own legal Shas O’Kais Model for use in a warhammer 40000 match. In my opinion he is the best the tau have. His stats and special rules are: Commander Shas OKais Cost: 190 points WS:4 BS:5 S:4 T:3 W:4 I:4 A:4 Ld:10 Sv:2+ He has the following traits: - he displays the ability to fire all three weapons at once - during assault he will jump into the air to fire at assaulting units - he has a double barreled flamer - he can throw snare traps that slow enemy units and prevent them from firing - he has a ’target acquired’ ability that does extra damage to a single target - he can have 0-2 drones - he can have iridium armor The rules below use these traits. Special Character: As per Shadowsun except lower minimum points to 1000 Equipment: XV22 Battlesuit Advanced Multitracker (can fire three weapons systems in a turn) Hardwired Drone Controller Bonding Knife Snare Traps Plasma Rifle Missile Pods Twinlinked Flamer Iridium Armor Unit type: Jump Infantry (Jet Pack) Special Rules Independent Character: As per Commander (can take drones and still join units) XV22 Battlesuit: As per Shadowsun. Snare Traps: In shooting phase Kais can choose to throw a snare trap instead of shooting. A snare trap is represented as a 1’ diameter marker. Any infantry unit moving within 1’ the trap sets it off except jump or jetbike infantry. When the trap is set off the unit cannot be moved any further than the snare trap and may not shoot or assault until next 2 b.../b

000 40000 40k battlesuit

Coming in October THQ will be releasing free DLC for Warhammer® 40000™: Dawn of War® II wich will feature a new cooperative multiplayer game mode and maps. Check out the Last Stand announcement trailer for a tease at the upcoming game mode. The Last Stand is a cooperative survival mode that gives gamers control of an individual hero unit and drops a small multiplayer team into a battle with impossible odds. Players can choose between a Space Marine Captain Eldar Farseer or Ork Mekboy and will team up with two other squad-mates in an attempt to hold out as long as possible against wave after wave of relentless attackers. Hero units level up and are fully customizable as new armor and weapons become available from game to game. Working together to devise innovative strategies is the key to success in this brand-new battle mode. The Last Stand update which will be free also contains two new multiplayer maps balance updates and bug fixes for Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II. For more images visit: dow2.info For DoW2 Stats/Wiki visit: dow2.info

dawn of war ii warhammer 40k wh40k space

battlereporter.freeforums.org characters special rules Father Eduard. Unit type: Infantry. Number/squad: 1 Wargear: *Power Armour *Frag and Krak grenades *Mark of Nurgle(included in the profile) *Personal Icon *Staff of Gods *Psychic hood Special Rules: *Fearless *Independent Character *5+ Invulnerable Save *Feel No Pain *Herald of Nurgle *Psyker *Eternal Warrior Psychic Powers: Nurgle’s Rot Wind of Chaos Warptime Fear of Darkness Unleash Rage. Ws-5 Bs-5 S-4 T-5 W-3 I-4 A-3 Ld-10 Sv-3+ Father Eduard may use two Psychic powers per turn. (+1 force weapon psychic test). As stated in Herald of Nurgle he does not have to take psychic tests and automatically passes them(except the force weapon). And so he is immune to the Perils of the Warp special rule. Staff of Gods: It is a two-handed Scythe following the rules of a Daemon Weapon and a Force Weapon. Captain(Wolf Lord) Nikolai Unit type: Infantry. Number/squad: 1 Wargear: *Runic Armour *Frag and Krak grenades *The Wicked Shadow Sword *Plasma Pistol *Saga of the Hunter *The Raven Necklace(ca. Belt of Russ) Special Rules: *Independent Character *Counter-Attack *Acute Senses *And they shall know no fear *Born Leader *Clean Record *The Shadow of Verzall Ws-6 Bs-5 S-4 T-4 W-3 I-5 A-* Ld-10 Sv-2+ The Wicked Shadow Sword: A power sword that generates d6 attacks. On the roll of 1 the wickedly sharp sword cuts into Nikolai(He immediately takes a wound with no armor b.../b

warhammer battle report

’WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger’ tells the story of the great triumph of the Soviet Army during the summer campaign of 1944. The Soviet Army had won the battle near Kursk and since that day German tank forces were retreating. ’Operation Bagration’ in 1944 was one of the most significant Russian campaigns during the struggle of Soviet and German tanks in Belorussia. The player will be able to experience ’Operation Bagration’ in two playable campaigns -- a Russian campaign and a German campaign where he can take control over the Russian T-34 or respectively the German Tiger. The player will be fighting in realistic locations modeled after the Belorussian landscape of the early 20th century recreated from hundreds of reference photos and maps. Additionally the game will feature a realistic combat environment including infantry cars armored personnel-carriers motorcycles artillery aircraft. The most detailed technical documents available were used to model realistic physics and tank behavior. To model realistic tank movements the propulsion systems transmissions and gear-ratios tank masses friction and suspensions were taken into consideration. For a realistic gunnery model the mass of the shell gravity and the initial speed of the various ammunition types as well as the various gunner’s sights available were taken into consideration. Realistic effects such as explosions smoke destruction of vehicles and buildings are modeled. Tanks (and other b.../b

WWII Battle Tanks T-34 Tiger

BOZENA RIOT is a remotely operated armored vehicle designed to handle riots and mobs in the streets and urbanized areas. The system offers a solution for both protecting the law-enforcement units in action and controlling the situation whenever peace maintenance is required. The machine’s design follows the concept of the BOZENA 4 demining system which has been in use in various countries across Europe Africa America and Asia for several years.

božena bozena riot control police demonstration slovakia rioting

Here’s the setup: Head: MHD-MX/RACHIS Core: MCL-SS/RAY Arms: CAL-44-EAS Legs: MLB-SS/FLUID Booster: CBT-FLEET FCS: VREX-WS-1 Generator: CGP-ROZ Radiator: RIX-CR10 Back R: CM-AD-10 Back L: MRL-SS/SPHERE Arm R: MWG-XCB/75 Arm L: MLB-MOONLIGHT This is one of my favorite missions but it was really hard to do the first time around. (I mean getting all the secret parts the first first time around was easy.) Just thought I’d like to show this one because it’s pretty fun to do. JUst follow the video to get 2/3 secret parts. The ones you can get from following this video precisely are: KWG-NHZL60 (Left arm napalm howitzer) For this part look at the video from where I flew through a vent into a scret room and had a party with the boxes. It’s in one of those boxes. CWM-HA30-4 (Back unit Hi act missile)To get this part explore 100% of the satillite (I did this for you in the video) and get to the escape point with 2 mins+ left. (I also accomplished this) The last part is pretty simple to get. OP-EO-LAP (Optional part that strenghtens laser blade attacks) To get this part complete this mission with no radar. I don’t remember if you have to get 100% exploration or not but do that anyways just to be safe. All you have to do is switch out the head and back radar for something else. (I’d suggest using the MHD-RE/005 head and just getting rid of the Sphere radar.) Also again just to be safe try not to press select. Some side notes: 2 laser rifle hits plus a laser blade strike b.../b

Armored Core Silent Line mission explore investigate satillite

AC4ミッション攻略(Chapter 1~3) AC3アリーナ(通常ランカー) ARM UNIT R( ライフル~バズーカ) NX-LR ... 更にWSサイトなので扱いやすい。 ハンドガン同様に熱 ダメを絡めて削っていく。 111よりも有効射程が短く、熱も少ないので撃ち合い続けると ...

レトロゲームの殿堂 - Armored Unit

MZ-700 └ Apple II. 検索 : ■ レトロゲーム 攻略. (現在22本). ■ アニメ リスト ...

レトロゲームの殿堂 - ワンダースワン

MZ-700 └ Apple II. 検索 : ■ レトロゲーム 攻略. (現在22本). ■ アニメ リスト ...

ワンダースワン (バンダイ)

プレイヤーはアンカーの隊長となって、40ヶ国を攻略していく。アンカーがフィールド上 に落ちるように調整しながら、敵の領地 .... 進軍させているユニットの射程に敵 ユニットが入ると戦闘を行える。戦闘は大まかな指示のあと、オートバトルで進められる 。 ...

ワンダースワン【オールドゲーム(新品)】|新品・中古ゲームソフト ...

新品・中古ゲームソフト販売のALGOネット オールドゲーム(新品)ワンダースワン ソフトです。 ... WS ※※Armored Unit. JANコード:4991694000338 品番260033N. メーカー希望小売価格:3990円(税込) 販売価格:300円(税込) 個数 ...


新品・中古ゲームソフト販売のALGOネット オールドゲーム(新品)あ行ソフトです。 ... WS ...

[ビッダーズ] おもちゃ・ゲームゲーム携帯型ゲームワンダースワン ...

おもちゃ・ゲームゲーム携帯型ゲームワンダースワンシミュレーションゲーム[ ビッダーズ]豊富な品揃えの「シミュレーションゲーム」カテゴリから安心オークション やお ... 【新品】【WS】Armored Unit マッチングワールド [ 比較リストに追加 ] 840 円 ...

[ビッダーズ] おもちゃ・ゲームゲーム携帯型ゲームワンダースワン ...

おもちゃ・ゲームゲーム携帯型ゲームワンダースワン[ビッダーズ]豊富な品揃えの「 ワンダースワン」カテゴリから安心オークションやお得な通販 ... 中古PPボトル .... 【新品】WS ※※Armored Unit ソフトハウスアルゴPLUS1 [ 比較リストに追加 ] 540円 ...


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